How can presbyopia be treated?

Presbyopia cannot be cured as such, but we can use various optical devices to allow you to read when presybopia occurs.  These include:-

i) reading glasses
ii) glasses giving distance vision in one eye and reading vision in the other eye (monovision)
iii) glasses giving distance vision in one eye and computer vision (or supermarket vision) in the other eye

All of the above could be achieved with contact lenses too.


You don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses.  Laser refractive surgery can achieve more or less the same results by changing the refraction of one eye to plano (seeing in the distance clearly without glasses) and the other eye to either -1.25 dioptres sphere (micromonovision – supermarket or computer vision) or -3 dioptres sphere (reading vision).


If you are over 50 and have the beginnings of a cataract, you could have cataract surgery with the implantation of a multifocal lens. Many of these caused haloes, ghosting, starbursts and made it difficult for patients to drive at night. However the latest lens, called the Symfony lens, seems to perform much better. A few of my patients have had some minor haloes driving at night but have not been excessively troubled by them and all, so far, have been very happy with the lens performance. This lens corrects distance and intermediate, so reading lenses are still needed for really close work.