Welcome to Maidstone Eye Practice

Our team at Maidstone Eye Practice aims to provide outstanding, personalised care for its patients. Our consultant, Christopher Jenkins, trained as a Registrar, Senior Registrar and Fellow at Moorfields Eye Hospital between 1991 and 1997, when he was appointed to the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust. Since 1997, he has developed a reputation in Kent for delivering high quality eye care and eye surgery. The practice offers a complete range of eye services for patients in a timely and efficient manner. Use the website to keep you up to date with your eye condition, to inform you and your family about the latest innovations in eye care or to book an appointment.

New developments:
In September 2014, the new Symfony intraocular lens was introduced. This promised good distance and intermediate vision (not reading) with far fewer problems with night vision, glare, haloes and starbursts. To date, I have implanted the lens in the eyes of about 20 patients. I am extremely happy with the results. Having stopped using all multifocal lenses because of their poor performance, I am now much confident of achieving excellent visual outcomes in my patients with this lens. For more click here.