Private Medical Insurance

Insured patients are usually covered for treatment at all venues (the Somerfield amd Alexandra Hospitals and the Wells suite of the Tunbridge Wells Hospital).

There have been occaionally been problems when the hospitals and insurers are in the process of renogiating their contracts. This tends to occur every 3 years or so. During these times, your treatment might be restricted to only one or two of these locations. Some insurers are starting to restrict cataract surgery to certain venues, which might include the Wells private patients facility at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

We keep our charges within the agreed fee schedule of the private medical insurer so there shouldn't be a problem with most insurers. You should check that your policy doesn't have a 6 week time restriction which might prevent emergency treatment (eg for retinal detachment surgery).

Another common problem is payment for glaucoma follow-up. Most insurers will pay for initial consulatation of glaucoma, diagnostic tests and surgical treatment such as laser. But they are reluctant to pay for follow-up. Many of our patients self-pay for glaucoma follow-up (the consultation fee for glaucoma follow-up is £90).